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Terms & Conditions

We welcome you to the Terms and Conditions page of our website so you can know about the rules you have to follow while placing orders with us. We appreciate all our valued customers who show interest in buying leather products from us. We believe in the quality first and always try to satisfy our customers’ requirements. We only deal in premium quality products at most competitive prices. We possess right to change, alter or revise the whole or some of the terms without given any prior notice. And such changes are applicable from the day it posted on the website. Using the site means you have accepted our terms and have no objection for now and later.

User Eligibility

While registering with us you guarantee that you are at the age of 18, or if you are not then you are using it under the observation of an adult that can be your parents and guardian. In case you are doing business, you are agreeable by the rules of respective country and registered there for a legal existence. Moreover, the information you provided us must be accurate and valid for anytime we use it. With the successful registration you are eligible for an account that is non-transferable and non-sellable to anyone else. You can place order following the terms and conditions strictly. In case if you fail to oblige the terms and conditions than it may result immediate cancellation of the services.

Buyers’ Acknowledgement

As a buyer you need to go through the entire Terms and Conditions. However, continuing use of the site means you have read and understood the complete terms and conditions mentioned here and have no confusion. Moreover, you will be allowed to claim an exchange only under the provided policy of the site.

Return Of Product

We take care of customer satisfaction therefore if you are not satisfied with your product then you may return the product. However, few rules apply to do so. You are entitled for return or exchange in only case if you don’t get the similar product is not same as was described or it was different from the one you saw in the picture. Another case is, if you receive the same product you order but it is damaged. However, you have to send damage order back to us with complete packaging and receipt. If you fail to return it back without receipt or proper packaging then you will not eligible to claim a return or exchange.

Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer:

The entire stuff available on our website including the images, designs, logos and clips exclusively belong to us. And it’s our lawful property and we will take strict action if any of the material from our website use by anyone else without our permission. We have a right to sue anyone who uses or misuses our stuff from the website as we are protected by the copyright laws. Moreover, only visitors can use any content or pictures from the site to make our site famous and known for others.

 Webpage Content

We are the sole owner of this website, therefore we have right to change and alter the content provided on the site anytime without giving prior notice to the visitors. In case if customer find any change in content after placing the order and it may led him or her un satisfied then we will not accountable to claim an exchange of any kind.


For customer satisfaction we offer products on 3 different currencies to facilitate more customers. You can choose from these three currencies in making payment as per your feasibility. They are American Dollar, British Pounds and Euros. However, in such case that you live in country where these currencies are not applicable, then you can use USD for payment. Just request your card company to change your current currency to USD under FOREX. The prices on the site can be change overnight without any prior notice.

Governing Laws

It is our responsibility to follow the Terms and Conditions that are enforced on us by the Government. The laws directed by the laws of United Kingdom and they are most likely similar to the laws in USA and Canada. You must be gratify by the define rules of the site, however, in such case a solution cannot be resolute between the site and buyer mutually then we both have to follow the rules applicable on us.

No Wavier  

As a buyer you have to take care of Terms and Conditions. If you are not following the mentioned rules properly then it may cause to ban such customer to visiting our website and no order from such person will be dispatched in any case.