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Privacy Policy

For us customers are first priority, therefore we take your privacy and security very seriously. We go out of our way to ensure that our customer’s information which they share with us is protected.

We don’t release or share information exclusive of those who are involved in the fulfillment of your order, comprising the process of placing your purchase(s) being sent to you.

We will do the complete thing needed to guarantee you have peace of mind in knowing that your information is kept private.

Related Information We Collect:

If you would like to register with us then you need to provide us related information which includes your name, gender, email address, mobile number, delivery address, fax number and other payment details. However, we gather such information to place your orders to your doorstep.

We keep all your data secure and use such information that helps us to trace the item you order. Moreover, you can also check the number of items you ordered and what is their current status while you again log in our website.

Third Parties:

We will not share any of your personal information onto any third party if not required to complete the fulfillment of your order, such as the courier company used to deliver your purchases to you.

Stored Information & Security:

We take safety of your personal details very sincerely. The gather information is stored securely on a dedicated server, which we consider to be well protected and in a safe environment. Our integrated secure system designed by professionals to keep your every transaction secure. We don’t use or kept any of your financial data and information after completion of your payment transaction.

User Access:

We provide customers complete access to use their account and data anytime they want. However, one should make changes in the information we are holding on your account. You must take care of your account’s password to keep everything secure and protected.